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Ages 6-22 Baseball and Softball Players


Baseball and softball are often most fun when dreaming about playing in college and the pros.

For participating in the BombSquad Baseball Midwest Baseball Championsips, you can participate in the combine at a 60% discount only $40).

If you are not particpating in the Midwest Baseball Championsips, but would like an online Profile, we are happy to create one for you for $100.

At the Combine, we’ll gather profile stats including: height, weight, speed, velocity, and pop time. We’ll also shoot videos.

A monthly fee of $10 will keep your profile published online, backed up monthly, secured, and we’ll provide you with access to edit your profile.

This is month to month and can be cancelled at any time.

If you are lacking time or editing web pages isn’t your thing, we are happy to make changes; however, we do charge a nominal fee to cover our time. Each Minor (1-3 elements) Change Submission is $20 and Major (4+ elements) Change Submissions are $50.


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Online Player Promotion Profile


$40 today, $10 per month